Gambling has taken many forms throughout the years, making it difficult to name all of them at once. Right from casinos to even lottery games, they all have one thing in common. They vary from each other depending on skill, strategy or luck. So without sparing further thought, let’s delve into the various types of gambling.

Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling can be classified as the most famous type of gambling. All games which fall into this category can be rightly found at every single floor of a royal casino. These games are so popular that they have begun to create their presence in the virtual world. Due to the thrill and excitement of a large number of people towards Casino Gambling, matters such as legality have long gone. Although there exists a strong opposition in this front, various states and countries have made gambling at casinos legal. Few of the games played at a casino which involves gambling are,

1. Gambling Machines

2. Dice Games

3. Spinning Wheels

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Gambling using sports as a platform is nothing new in this scenario. People have been involved in this activity since a very long time and continue to do so. Basketball and Soccer are two of the most common types of sports which people have been using for betting. Through time, it has translated more into a hobby rather than a one-time attempt. People bet with your family members, co-workers and other companions. The type and amount of betting depend upon the mode of the game. So here are some of the most common forms of sports gambling,

1. Moneyline

2. Parlays

3. Spread Betting



Bingo is a popular game which people play to kill time and eventually put an end to boredom. The game features random numbers, and each player tries to match those numbers on their cards. You will always notice a person screaming ‘Bingo’ at the end of every round, which indicates that they have won. Bingo is played at many levels, and the cash prize also varies accordingly. At casinos bingo, winners are often offered a massive jackpot which does the job of attracting more players towards the game. Skill and strategy are two things which people do not require at Bingo because it mostly depends on luck.

Lottery Games

Lottery Games are types of gambling, which is prevailing all around the world. Again your chances of winning here can be left to the God of luck. Although the game has been going through various debates discussing issues of legality, one does not see an end to the game, as people tend to keep playing. In this scenario two of the most common types of Lottery games are,

1. Drawings

2. Scratch-Offs